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Wiper Blades

Wiper blade manufacturers recommend replacing wipers twice a year. (Don't forget the rear wipers, too.)    Most wiper blades are made of rubber that begins to deteriorate as soon as they’re installed and exposed to elements like heat, cold, rain, dust and pollen. This exposure eventually breaks down the wiper blades’ ability to keep your windshield clean and streak free.  Here are ways to check your wipers: - Raise the wiper arm and inspect the part of the rubber that contacts the window. Look for wear, cracking or brittleness on the edge of the blade.  - Turn your wipers on and apply washer fluid. If the blades are good, they should remove all the fluid. If the blades need replacing, they'll spread the fluid across the windshield surface and not remove it, or miss areas entirely. When replacing your wipers, it’s a good time to replenish your windshield wiper fluid.